Aidan Baker & Plurals | Glass Crocodile Medicine [CD]

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2 tracks, 39 minutes.  500 copies on CD, in foil-blocked folding wallet with colour insert.  Also available on vinyl.

Aidan Baker has previously graced our studio with his band Nadja.   This time Aidan brought British tour-mates Plurals along.  Over the two tracks the collaboration has bore some beautiful and exotic fruit. A gradual unfurling of intricate layers of sound builds and envelopes the listener over  “Dead Foxes In The Street"'s twenty minutes, creating a warm and uplifting aural atmosphere.  The second half of the session is an entirely different affair.  “Turning Children Into Mice” is a brooding, decidedly sinister beast, weaving a repetitive and increasingly dark threat, until it explodes into a hive of noise, and then slowly and poignantly dies a hero's death.  This is truly a collaboration that makes the most of the musicians touring synchrony.

Mr. Baker has yet again gifted us with a tremendous work, and we thank him and the gentlemen of Plurals.

Track list

  1. Dead Foxes In The Street (20:30)
  2. Turning Children Into Mice (18:12)


  • Release: February 2013
  • File Under: Post Rock / Instrumental
  • For Fans of: Nadja, A Storm Of Light, Tribes Of Neurot, Ginnungagap