Beekeeper - Ostrich [CD]

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12 tracks, 37 minutes. Beekeeper from New York City, featuring members of Ida, Babe The Blue Ox.

Led by bassist/vocalist Karla Schickele, Beekeeper shines with their minimalist instrumentation and echoing vocals. After the toned-down yet visceral opening track, "Wait Til Then," Schickele and her brother, Matthew Schickele, harmonize to an almost-operatic effect on "Dead and Drugged." Jan Kotik performs steadily on drums throughout. The trio returns to a subdued pace on "Complete" and "Muscle Car." The band's playful side shines on "Men," which is followed by the soothing "Two Men," with Karla Schickele on the vocal lead. Hints of Ida, who would later recruit Karla, are somewhat evident on the final track of the disc, "Mabel." Beekeeper's strength was the Schickele siblings' eagerness to combine their vocals in a variety of ways. The crashing instruments create an often-hectic environment. Theremin, optigan, and vibraphone find their way onto many of the songs, adding a unique and experimental kind of artistry to the disc. The band produced most of Ostrich with Erik Sanko and Danny Kadar at The Kennel Studios in Brooklyn in April 1998. Southern Records released the disc later that year.

track list

  1. Wait Til Then
  2. Dead And Drugged
  3. Flight
  4. Won
  5. Complete
  6. Watching You Die
  7. Muscle Car
  8. So Quiet
  9. Men
  10. Two Men
  11. Dying Day
  12. Mable


  • File under: Rock
  • For Fans Of: Babe The Blue Ox, Tara Jane O'Neil, Secret Stars, Tsunami
  • Released: October 1998

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