Champions Club

Champions Club

The Southern Champions Club is our way of thanking our loyal supporters.  

Running a record label is not an easy job these days.  We're not crying in our soup, we're just being honest.  Sales are dwindling, margins are squeezed as even good independent stores demand discounts and full returns rights to stock our releases.  By the time the recording studio, pressing plant, shipping company, distributor, retailer and tax man have all taken their cut, there is frequently nothing left for the band or the label.  Everyone deserves to be paid for their work, even the band and the label! :)

Southern believes in producing physical products which are aesthetically and aurally pleasing and which you will want to keep in your collection permanently. We try to make our releases sound and look as good as possible.  This often means we take the more expensive route when it comes to production. The margins are therefore really tight. The £20 album you buy from us will on average cost twice as much to produce as the £50 pair of sneakers on your feet.

One way we can try to balance things out is by selling directly to the end user as much as possible. This is either the label selling via our web store, or the band selling at shows.  If we are able to increase our percentage of direct sales, it potentially makes the type of releases we want to do more viable.

We appreaciate that it takes more commitment on the end user's part to purchase a record directly from the label or the artist.

We aim to treat all of our web store customers particularly well, and if you are a repeat customer we want to treat you even better.

After placing three qualifying orders, customers will be invited to join our Champions Club. Club membershp brings whatever regular or occasional benefits we can offer.  Currently we are giving all Champions a 10% storewide discount on all orders.  We also try to make sure that we always include something extra in every Champion's order. Champions are the first to hear about any special offers or limited editions.

We are always open to hearing from Champions about benefits they would like to receive, so drop us a line any time to make suggestions!

Thanks for your support!

Rita & Allison