Chrome Hoof - Pre-Emptive False Rapture [Vinyl]

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11 songs, 47 minutes.  Deluxe gatefold sleeve with embossed metallic logo, double vinyl.

You've most likely heard of their legendary live shows - A veritable orchestra of musicians decked out in futuristic monk's robes kicking it like some unholy hybrid of Sun Ra, ESG, Goblin, Parliament/Funkadelic and Black Sabbath, complete with choreographed dancers, actors taking vaudeville interludes, and a twelve foot tall metallic ram dominating the dancefloor.  

Cathedral bassist Leo Smee started a bass and drums duo under the moniker Chrome Hoof with his brother Milo at the turn of the millennium to celebrate their shared love of mid-seventies funk and disco. Like sequined pied pipers they recruited everywhere they played, building an army of multi instrumentalists, including a full horn and string section.  Chrome Hoof have finally managed to compress all the manic energy, tight prog chops and disco-ball hedonism into the most unashamedly enjoyable record you'll hear this year. Part dizzying instrumental mastery, part mind-buggering sci-fi fantasy, part big band ferocity - all incredible.

"Chrome Hoof shouldn't really exist in the modern world. But thankfully, they do, and everyone should experience them at least once. Only then will you appreciate the true joy of music." - 10/10 Metal Hammer

Guest vocals from Lee Dorian (Cathedral and ex-Napalm Death) on "Astral Sleep" and Daniel O'Sullivan (Ulver, Mothlite, Guapo,Miasma) on "Nordic Curse".

Track Listing:
01. Nordic Curse
02. Tonyte
03. Pronoid
04. Circus 9000
05. Moss Covered Obelisk
06. Leave This Ruined Husk
07. Symbolik 180°
08. Death Is Certain
09. Astral Suicide
10. Egg N' Bass
11. Spokes Of Uridium

Total Running Time: 47:50 mins

  • For fans of: Sun Ra, ESG, Goblin, Parliament/Funkadelic, Liquid Liquid, Black Sabbath, This Heat, Brain Ticket. 
  • File under: Nowave-disco-prog-acid
  • Released: January 2008