Geoff Farina - Reverse Eclipse [CD]

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Twelve songs, Thirty-nine minutes. Geoff Farina of Karate returns with his second album of plaintive song writing, continuing the explorations into jazz evident on Karate's 'Unsolved'.

"Matador, masterpiece, morning prayer memories," Geoff Farina (Karate, Secret Stars) sings at the start of this oblique song collection. Recorded in Andy Hong's living room in Boston and mastered at Abbey Road in London, the sparse, intimate music features Farina on vocals and electric guitar with occasional accompaniment by guitarist Josh Larue (the Sorts). Farina enunciates his words carefully, but his abstract lyrics feature intriguing (or sometimes just jarring) juxtapositions of words that aren't intended to have a clear, unambiguous meaning. This slow, solitary-listening music sounds smoother and jazzier than you'd probably expect from a more straightforward confessional singer/songwriter; Farina, who seems to be more concerned with establishing a mood than with directly expressing his feelings, sounds at times like a lounge musician who's getting in touch with his inner Leonard Cohen. If that notion intrigues you, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy this album. -

Track Listing
  1. Special Diamonds
  2. The Left Handed Way
  3. Fire
  4. Henningson or Hemmingway
  5. Gravity
  6. Pordenone Plaster
  7. Soon in Tents
  8. The Rights
  9. Only Yellows
  10. The Dianne Eraser
  11. Olive or Otherwise
  12. One Percent
  13. Fixable