Geoff Farina | Usonian Dream Sequence [CD]

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13 tracks, 36 minutes.  Geoff Farina has been a member of Karate, the Secret Stars, and Glorytellers as well as performing under his own name. Spare and acoustic-based, Usonian Dream Sequence allows Geoff's vocals and lyrics to take center stage.

Geoff said: "These songs were recorded sporadically between the spring of 1996 and the fall of 1997. All of these recordings were done at Hev-E-Kreem, which until recently, consisted of an old Teac 2340, some mics, a couple of dub echoes and some other junk crammed into a corner of my bedroom. I have kept the arrangements of these songs simple and stark as usual, usually consisiting of vocals and one or two simple guitar tracks.

Usonian Dream Sequence represents songs that didn't seem to fit with the Secret Stars and Karate for no particular reasons. I have played them consistently for the past couple of years on performances I have done under my own name, including a tour with Jenny Toomey during the summer of 1996. Like many of my other songs, these refer to such things as bus rides, long drives, the ocean, the modest home I will someday own, selfishness and powerlessness in the face of real social problems, imaginary solutions to material conflicts, and generally to disparate events and images experienced by me and those around me.

Generally this recording adheres to the sounds and themes of others I have made, and represents a more involved exploration of them rather than a deviation toward something new. The value of these songs is that they were written and recorded over the period of a 18 months or so on my own schedule and by my own rules, which is why some of them contain the sounds of my door slamming or the upstairs neighbor's footsteps. In any case, I have lived with these songs, played them live, rewritten them, thrown them away and dug them back up again, all before committing them to this CD, a luxury that I hope is represented here."


  • Released 13 April, 1998
  • File under:  Acoustic, Folk, Folk-Jazz
  • For fans of: Karate, Nick Drake, Elizabeth Cotton, Jose Gonzalez