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Ten tracks, Thirty-four minutes. Featuring Geoff Farina of Karate these songs have a similar stream-of-consciousness style while drawing influence from singer-songwriter contemporaries.

Geoff Farina, front-man of Karate and Secret Stars, returns with a new project. Collaborator/drummer Luther Gray III balances Farina's abstract harmonies and urgent vocal style on pristine pre-WWII guitar and drum sounds, as bass lines are thumb-picked on acoustic guitar and 50-year-old cymbals sizzle for choruses

In Glorytellers, Farina is more storyteller than proselytizer. He delivers lyrics with the same staccato, stream-of-consciousness style that helped define Karate's sound, but these image-laden lyrics are decidedly more narrative. They include stories of a teenage mother determined to raise her child against her family's wishes, of a friend habitually in trouble with the law, of suburban parents who inadvertently vote for the policies that send their sons to war, and of Karate's experience witnessing a drug-related murder on tour. The characters in these dark stories share a positive outlook, and Glorytellers' songs are ultimately about survivors searching for normalcy in the face of tribulation.

Although they are sometimes drawn indiscriminately from the American songbook, Glorytellers' songs are anything but campy. The urgency of these songs manifest the depth of Glorytellers' commitment to their influences: Luther Gray has backed Sabir Mateen, Joe McPhee, Anthony Braxton, Roy Campbell, Fred Anderson, and other contemporary Jazz greats; Farina has studied with Roswell Rudd, performed with Michael Zerang and Allan Chase, and he will break down a John Hurt, Blind Blake, or Kenny Burrell tune for you note-for-note at the drop of a hat. Glorytellers are musicians' musicians who have been individually mining the dusty bins of 20th Century American music for many years, and revitalize their findings with this unique set of delicate ballads.

Track Listing:
01. Camouflage
02. Exclusive Hurricanes
03. Awake At The Wheel
04. Tears Of...
05. Quarantine
06. Blood On The Shine
07. Anonymous
08. Trovato Suono
09. Pry
10. Perennials
Total Running Time: 33:42 mins


Available on CD and LP


For fans of: Karate, Secret Stars, Codeine, HiM, Nick Drake, Decemberists, M. Ward, Skip James
File under: Americana