Gowns | Broken Bones [CD]

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9 songs, 38 minutes.Gowns are a folk/noise band from California, centred around the partnership of Erika Anderson (Amps For Christ) and Ezra Buchla (The Mae Shi), who have previously released one album, Red State (Upset The Rhythm/Cardboard). Broken Bones is a limited edition of 1000 hand-packed, foil-stamped CDs and 1000 vinyl, 700 copies on black and 300 on green wax.

Gowns are a band evolving around the partnership of Erika Anderson - previously the guitar wrangler in Amps For Christ - and Ezra Buchla - ex-horror show vocalist and programmer for The Mae Shi. Gowns cast an apocalyptic net over a broad church of influences, hauling in their fractured folk songs with cracked electronics, lending their confessional lyrics the directness of a spooked grunge approach, whilst embracing their smart oscillating pop with troubled atmospherics. Truly unique and wonderful, we were impressed enough with their Red State CD (Upset The Rhythm) to offer them a Latitudes session, sight-unseen. Meeting them and seeing them live after they'd done the session made us happy in a we've just won the lottery kind of way. Great people, stunning performances. They fact that they performed a wacked-out version of Crass' "Shaved Women" only made our hearts swell more. Their Latitudes session captured them on their first UK tour, as a four-piece, and it's pretty damn special.

The GOWNS' Latitudes session was recorded during our first experience of a winter in England. We had just come off a full tour of the US and Italy. With the addition of a bassist to form a real rhythm "section", we found our fuzzy little folk songs had blown up into something huge.During those 2 weeks in the UK the set reached a new level of brutality. Being asked to do a Latitudes session was a surprise and an honor, and we decided to use the opportunity to document what we were doing live.This session was recorded all in one long day, and Harvey was a saint One million thanks to him, Allison, Chris T., and to the kind souls in Hull who took us in sick and shivering and gave me a sweater.Listening to this recording evokes a time when we were barely holding on by our fingernails. Ezra had broken bones in his foot, which the cold and rain didn't help.There were points during that tour where I just kind of lost my mind, and during the recording of "HEAVEN" there was a moment where I completely forgot where I was, who I was, and what I was doing. Can you hear it? - EMA 2009

Erika Anderson: guitar, voice
Ezra Buchla: synth, voice, viola
Daniel Brummel: bass, voice
Jacob Heule: percussion

Track Listing
1. Heaven
2. Griefer
3. Marked  
Running time 38:26

Released September 2009