Grumbling Fur | Alice [CD]

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3 tracks, 18 minutes.  Exclusive recording from Grumbling Fur: Daniel O'Sullivan (Mothlite, Guapo, Aethenor, Ulver, Sunn0))) and Alexander Tucker.  Limited edition of 500 CDs in foil-blocked letter-pressed die-cut sleeve.  Also available on vinyl.  

from the liner notes:

When the Grumbling Fur album "Furrier" finally stumbled out of its mossy cavern, its effect was as mercurial as a half baked troll could be: its 'supergroup' alumni having forged a surprisingly coherent beast beneath the narcotic haze and warm fugue.Ever on the pulse, the Latitudes curators fired out an invite immediately, with very little expectation of a concrete result - This was a group whose members defined the word prolific - Mainstay Daniel O'Sullivan himself had at least four bands on the go at the time. Still, we're nothing if not hopeful.Lo and behold, The Fur came back with not only a confirmation, but the tantalising prospect of a new sound - more focussed and stripped back - the (now) duo of O'Sullivan and Tucker's more 'pop' sensibilities coming to the fore. The studio was booked.  The results are stellar. As soon as the loping breakbeat and pentatonic piano run of "Wylderness Waiting" kicked in, we knew The Fur had created something very special on our behalf - the extra space and minimal approach providing a wonderful backdrop to Alex and Daniel's instantly recognisable lyrical harmonies. 

We are very grateful.  

Track List

  1. Wylderness Waiting
  2. Solar Nights & Rainwater
  3. Huthering Whites