Hanson Brothers - It's A Living [CD]

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24 audio tracks and video material: "All Grain Brewing Johnny Hanson" plus live footage. 120 minutes total running time.

Although the Hanson Brothers are commonly confused with their distant cousins Mssrs. Wright and Holliston from NoMeansNo, the Hansons from Cold Lake, Alberta, have been busting teeth and spraying beer worldwide since 1984. Their albums have routinely shot straight to the top of the Cold Lake radio station's charts and their mum is rumoured to be quite proud of her kin.

Now, fresh from the minimum security facility in Surrey, the Hanson Brothers are ready to embark on a European and US tour in the autumn of 2008, with a Canadian tour to follow in 2009. This time, hopefully, they'll actually be able to play some shows! On previous outings, the band have had to hastily depart a number of venues after various incidents involving a cabbage, a referee and a mysterious bag. They are no longer allowed in any French villas, although most of the criminal criminal charges have now been dropped.

The Hanson Brothers will be releasing their live album, It's a Living, this autumn on their own imprint, Wrong Records. If there were any doubts whether this band could deliver the goods away from the safe confines of a recording studio, It's a Living will surely demonstrate their ability to deliver a set worthy of their impossibly high standards. The fine acoustics of Coaldale's Motor Inn provide a natural amphitheater for the Brothers. The CD also contains a DVD of "All Grain Brewing With Johnny Hanson", accompanied by sleeve notes on how to make the beer. Interspersed with the film is live footage of the Hanson Brothers.

The brothers Hanson are Johnny (Vocals), Robbie (Bass), Tommy (Guitar) and their newly reunited twin (separated at birth) Mikey (drums). Cousin Ernie, the skinsman behind the thunderous rhythm on It's a Living, was last seen chasing a bunny into the LaBrea Tar Pit region of sunny Los Angeles.

- This is a dual disc with a CD on one side and DVD on the other.
- Inside sleeve includes instructions on how to make beer!
- LP version is two black vinyls in a single 12 inch sleeve with two printed inserts.
- Fourth album from the NoMeansNo eccentrics as their alter-ego the Hanson Brothers.

Audio side
1.Total Goombah
2.Duke It Out
3.Give Me Anything
4.Third Man In
5.Everything I Wanted
6.No Emotion
7.Four Heads One Brain
8.Stick Boy
9.No More Headcheese
10.Road Pizza
11.We're Brewing
12.My Game
13.100 and 10%
14.Cabbage In A Bag
16.Tommy #3
19. Danielle (She Don't Care About Hockey)
20.We're Bad
21.Joey Had To Go
22.The Hockey Song
23.Let's Go Out Tonight
24.Sudden Death
DVD side
DVD includes a film of the Hanson Brothers making beer: "All Grain Brewing With Johnny Hanson", this is interspersed with live footage of the band.

Total running time: 127 minutes

Available on CD/DVD and double LP

For fans of: Ice Hockey, The Ramones, NoMeansNo, DOA
File under: Puck rock