Karate - The Bed is in the Ocean [CD]

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9 tracks, 38 minutes. Karate's third album embarks on a dark journey of plain speaking, paranoia and pathos. This is not the USA, there is no shame when we're talking, it's ok.

- Reissue of the acclaimed third album by one of US indie rock's most innovative and unique bands.
- One of the few bands to seriously attempt a fusion of indie rock and jazz.
- Even after their break-up in 2005, Karate command a die-hard, dedicated following.
- During their life-span the band were met with overwhelmingly enthusiastic press, with mentions from the likes of NME, Melody Maker, Vox, Kerrang!, Big Cheese, The List etc.
- There will be further Karate re-issues to follow in 2009.
The Bed Is in the Ocean is the reissued third full-length album by sadly-missed Massachusetts quartet Karate
showcased the band's signature sound to perfection, pioneering a unique strain of what Allmusic.com aptly
described as "jazz-indie rock fusion". The strident tone of Geoff Farina provides the centre for these taut exercises
in syncopation with delicate ballads, moments of jazz-inflected indie rock minimalism and direct emotional
plaints combining to form what is possibly Karate's definitive effort. Seldom has undeniable musical ability
been put to such effective use; ambitious but never self- indulgent, always expressive and ultimately life-affirming,
most significantly on 'There Are Ghosts', the album's heartfelt tribute to the comforts of nature.

The Bed Is in the Ocean was crafted in 1998 at Salad Days Studios in Norwood, MA, then mastered at the
legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. It was released on Southern Records later the same year to great
acclaim, NME describing the album as "a beautiful trek... A necessary sonic experience".

Track listing:
1.There Are Ghosts
2. The Same Stars
3. Diazapam
4. The Last Wars
5. Bass Sounds
6. Up Nights
7. Fatal Strategies
8. Outside Is The Drama
9. Not To Call The Police
Total Running Time: 38 minutes

For fans of: Slint, Tortoise, Pavement, Chavez, Minutemen
File under: Indie Rock