Known issue: Internet Explorer not playing well with Bundle Packs

7th Nov 2012

Hi Folks!

We are aware of an issue with some customers who are using Internet Explorer to place orders.  When attempting to order a 3, 4 or 5 shirt bundle pack, an error message stating that one of the options is not available is preventing customers from completing their orders.  We apologise for this, we have reported it to our shop software developers and they are looking into it.

We can offer the following workarounds:

(1) Please use our contact form and email us with details of what you'd like to order, and your shipping address, and we'll enter the order for you and send you an invoice.

(2) Try a different browser - we have not been able to reproduce the error using Firefox, Chrome or Safari so we believe those browsers are working okay with our software.

Again, we're very sorry for any inconvenience!