Lack of Knowledge - The Grey CD [CD]

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Fourteen tracks, Fifty-seven minutes. A more than timely reissue of one of Punk's most overlooked acts' debut EP and album, originally released on CRASS Records in the early 80s. Classic cult New Wave cuts.

Track Listing:
01. We're Looking For People
02. Another Sunset
03. Girl In A Mask
04. Radioactive Man
05. Danger To Life
06. State Of Being
07. The Bunker
08. Disaster Level
09. Crash Barrier
10. Tank Trap
11. Last Victory
12. Weapons Range
13. Born Leader
14. Flamethrower
Running Time: 57 minutes

"Surely there has never been a more stupid group than Lack of Knowledge. What they saw as uncompromising, everyone else would have seen as just plain dumb. If there was any chance at all of sabotaging the furthering of a career, then they would find it. Sometimes it could be tough but mostly it was a piece of cake. Whatever sensible idea anyone outside the band could put forward, then the band simply took up the opposite stance. It worked a treat. Chorus' in songs?; "Why should we?", release your catchiest tracks?; "We're not your puppets!", when you play live, why not try playing stuff you just released last week?; "I don't think so." No, instead we chose to have the guitarist, who can't sing, to sing the title track off of the album. And then change the title of the song so it's now not the title track. Genius.

Bizarrely, lack of knowledge was considered a success, but only by the group themselves. For a band that had never sent a demo tape to a record company, had no manager, no booking agency for gigs, no transport, no roadies, and only ever rehearsed twice in a real rehearsal studio with a proper vocal PA, LOK didn't do that bad in retrospect. We put out three singles and an LP (on three different labels, if you include a DIY release), actually received one royalty cheque for £24 each, got a record played by John Peel, made the UK independent charts, had proper interviews in the UK music press, and played around 60 shows. It would be great to roll out something like 'we achieved everything that we set out to do', but the reality is that we achieved things that we had no real intention of ever doing. We had no plan."

The Grey CD collects together Lack Of Knowledge's debut EP 'Grey' (originally released on Crass Records in 1983) with their 'Sirens Are Back' LP (originally released on Corpus Christi in 1984). This is the first time that these records have ever been re-issued, the demand has proved overwhelming, honestly! The world is smaller now and everyone's had a couple of decades to uncover all kinds of parochial punk rock via the web or record collecting networks, however small-time the bands were from that era. It can only mean one thing; Lack Of Knowledge have been globalized. With the release of a recent rarities compilation and the news of the band's reformation and plan to gig in New York and London later this year, what's next is anyone's guess.