Nadja | Sky Burial [Vinyl]

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Two tracks, 38 minutes. In September 2009, the prolific duo made their way to Southern Studios to record their spontaneous session for our Latitudes series. The result was Sky Burial, two lengthy slabs of crushing yet ethereal instrumental material. Limited to 1000 vinyl  (700 copies of black vinyl and 300 copies of blue). 

Having been an enormous fan of Nadja for the past couple of years, when I was given the chance to approach an artist for the Latitudes series, they were a complete no-brainer. Their highly unique strain of doom-infused shoegaze sends shivers throughout my body whenever I've seen them live, and this was a perfect chance to be able to capture that magic in the legendary Southern Studios.

After first approaching them in February 2009, we finally managed to make it happen the following September, and I've never experienced a smoother and simpler sessions than this. Crafting two lengthy slabs of crushing yet ethereal instrumental material, Aidan and Leah have once again upped my expectations of them. Seeing them play live the following night, where they gave one of these tracks an airing, was an inspiring experience in itself and the article you hold here is about as close as you're going to get to the all-encompassing and trance-like beauty of seeing them play in front of you. If this is anything to go by, then there is plenty more special music to come from this talented duo and it has been a pleasure to have them be a part of the Latitudes series.

-Freddy Palmer

Track Listing

2.Sky Burial

Total Running Time: 38:04

File Under: Drone, Doom, Shoegaze, Ambient
For Fans of: Sunn 0))), A Storm of Light, Black Boned Angel, Fear Falls Burning, Pyramids, Jesu

Released: August 2010