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Possibly Canada's pre-eminent power trio, No Means No have been abrading delicate ears with their complex rhythm-heavy funk-punk and promulgating leftist social commentary across North America since 1980. Arguably as influential to the hardcore and punk scenes of the 80's as Minor Threat and Black Flag, their ethics, networking and quality of output encapsulates those early D.I.Y ethics.

Say the band.......
"0+2=1, that strange equation that never seems to add up, unlike those units flying out the door back in the day! Oh those rosy days in mid July, 1991. The last hurrah for guitarist Andy Kerr, etching the schecter into what would be his final No Means No release. What would be a turning point is punctuated here with an unconcluded vision of a world not understood. A rockin' vision that is, balls to the walls baby! OWWW!!! Remastered and "edgy", this blast from our past couldn't have come at a more convenient time...for us". - John Wright, NMN

Track Listing:
01. Now
02. The Fall
03. 0+2=1
04. The Valley Of The Blind
05. Mary
06. Everyday I Start To Ooze
07. When Putting It All In Order Ain't Enough
08. The Night Nothing Became Everything
09. I Think You Know
10. Ghosts
11. Joyful Reunion
Total Running Time: 47:08

For fans of: Minutemen, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Ramones
File under: Punk