Nomeansno - Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie [Vinyl]

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Reissue of the classic 1998 album from Canada's punk legends.  Double 180gm black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics and free MP3 download..  This one has been out of print for at least 15 years!  Also available on CD.

Originally released in 1998 on double LP and CD by Alternative Tentacles, Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie was reissued on CD on the band’s own Wrong Records in 2004, but it’s taken them a while to get around to a vinyl reissue. Now Nomeansno fans the world over finally have the chance to enjoy the album in its full gatefold glory.

The tenth album from Nomeansno was, and still is, a groundbreaking exploration of social and political lyrical statements and post-punk musical workouts.  Back in the day, confused people liked to call this “jazz-punk” or “jazzcore” because it involved more than three chords and shock! horror! time changes! and OMG! slow parts!


Track list


  • A1.  This Story Must Be Told
  • A2.  Going Nowhere
  • A3.  I'm An Asshole
  • A4.  Disappear 
  • B1. Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie
  • B2. The World Wasn't Built In A Day
  • C1. I Can't Stop Talking
  • C2. The Rape
  • C3. Give Me The Push 
  • D1. One Fine Day
  • D2. Youth
  • D3. Life-like

 Running time: 70 minutes


Scientific proof that NoMeansNo has indeed transformed from a tight, aggressive, smart, political punk band into a dull, meandering punk version of Rush.” - A.V. Club review 

Nomeansno finally has some decent production that puts all their instruments in the right place without sacrificing their power. The first four tracks charge out of the gate with the steam of a locomotive...” - Satan Stole My Teddybear review

 “The proclamation "I'm an Asshole" and the graphic-as-true-crime violently extortionate title track lend credence to theory that Nomeansno is out to offend this time.” - Allmusic review

“Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie is for the most part an unquestionable jazzcore masterpiece: inaccessible, uncompromising and very draining, but also incredibly tight, smart, funny, intense and repeatedly mind-blowing.” - Guy Peters Record Reviews Site review

“Well you know what they say. The world wasn’t built in a day.” - Nomeansno


  • File Under: Punk,  Rock, Post-punk
  • For Fans of: Minutemen, Fugazi, DOA


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