Nomeansno | Mama [Vinyl}

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Limited repress of the classic 1982 debut album from the Canadian punk legends.  First time on vinyl for over 30 years!  Now spread across double vinyl for optimum sound, and including as a bonus the four songs from the “Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred” EP which was originally released in 1981. Comes with download card for mp3 version of the whole album.  1000 copies on double 180 gram black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

Originally released as a limited pressing back in 1982 and not available on vinyl for several lifetimes, it’s time to resurrect this classic album.

The early days of Nomeansno were indeed spent dwelling firmly in left field. Since the band at the time consisted entirely of brothers John and Rob Wright, the songs were constructed almost completely as bass/drums/vocals with occasional piano spritzing and a tiny tiny bit of that six string slipping in for spice. 

Although primitive sounding and not indicative of their later, guitar-injected fury, this album still stands out as one of their most interesting. Full of dark yet inspiring lyrics and signature dynamics, it documents the gestation of the emotional menace and musical fury that Nomeansno was to become known for. A band in its infancy but, oh my,  what a scary little baby.

Only 500 vinyl copies of Mama were originally printed before a few hundred more were reissued on cassette. In 1992 the lost master tapes were found an a CD duly issued.  This new version is remastered from the original tapes, complete with four extra tracks taken from the Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred seven inch EP that was released a year or so before Mama

Track Listing:

A1. Living Is Free
A2. My Roommate Is Turning Into A Monster
A3. Red Devil
B1. Mama's Little Boy
B2. We Are The Chopped
B3. No Sex
C1. Rich Guns
C2. No Rest For The Wicked
C3. Living In Detente
D1. Try Not To Stutter
D2. I'm All Wet
D3. Approaching Zero
D4. Forget Your Life

Running time: 55 minutes

  • File Under: Punk
  • For Fans of: Minutemen, Dead Kennedys, DOA
  • Released: June 2013