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Track listing

  1. Morning
  2. Ride Home
  3. New Son
  4. Critella
  5. Audrey La'Mort
  6. Dubin
  7. C
  8. All Waves
  9. Porcelain
  10. New Dirge
  11. Farther Along

Released: OCTOBER, 1996

Curtis Harvey guitars, vocals, accordian, piano, trumpet
Doug Scharin drum kit, percussion, marimba, backbone
Phil Spirito bass, guitar on track 5, vocal on track 6, banjo
Mike Billingsley string arrangements, concert bass

Additional musicians: Julie Liu (violin, viola), Poppy Brandes (cello), Bundy K. Brown (bass), Tim Rutili (vocals), Brian Deck (knobs, percussion), Benny Massatella (percussion), Phylis Harvey (vocals)

"Rex is a worthy inheritor of the Velvet Underground's chamber-rock legacy...Rex creates a mesmerizing atmosphere...the instruments curl lazily around each other like smoke rings." - Chicago Reader

Curtis, Phil and Doug formed what was an early version of Rex during the early '90's in Maine, playing under the name of Otis Coyote. After Doug took a leave of absence to play drums for Codeine, he returned to join Curtis and Phil under the new name of rex in 1994. They released their self-titled debut album in 1995 much to the delight of critics and audiences everywhere. The lovely Waltz Ep followed. With its tragically romantic theme and ingenious packaging (making the release resemble an old canvas bound book) it was said that rex would never be able to surpass such excellence. Wrong!

C is eleven songs (although your CD player will lie to you and tell you there's only ten), checking in under seventy minutes and expands upon Rex's "slash and swoon" style. Songs like "New Dirge" and the title track build suspenseful climaxes frought with tension and longing so intense that even the hardest heart will break just a bit. Other tracks are works of blissful tranquility which coax even the most pragmatic mind into a lazy daydream. The addition of guest vocalists gives C an added warmth and richness which complements the well-crafted string arrangements. Simply, this record is pure bliss. Escape from your troubles by using this record for long drives, lazy Saturday afternoons and reminiscing about the past.

C was Rex's 4th release in just over a year, but that is not all the prolific members of Rex were working on at the time. Red Red Meat and Rex joined forces in August to record a full length (going by the name of Loftus) released in the Spring of 1997 on the Treat and Release label. Doug also masterminds the dub/ragga/eastern influenced sound experment called Him, with Phil and Curtis add to the mixture (two releases on Southern around the time). Doug also found time to pound skins for June of 44 who had just released their second full length on Quarterstick Records.