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8 songs. Rex's self-titled debut. Rex spans many genres and draws influence from a broad mix of sounds, texts and visions.

The facts say that Rex are from New York state, but in another world, on another planet rex are simply from, "Rexville". That is the magical place where they spin tunes that will someday be a codeine induced category of their own - the opposite of grunge - Rex.

The music of Rex is a labyrinthine journey into the subconscious of the group as a whole. Building upon a protean of jams or improvisations, the rhythms intertwine with haunting melodies carried by cello, slide guitar and voice.

Track Listing

  1. Nothing Is Most Honorable than You
  2. Angel Tune He Hums
  3. High School Dance Hit
  4. Tortured Animal
  5. Come Down
  6. Ditch
  7. A Good Time To Die
  8. This Is A Recording
  • Doug Scharin - Drums and percussive instruments
  • Curtis Harvey - Guitars and like
  • Phil Spirito - Bass and such
  • Kirsten McCord - Cello
  • Everyone vocalizes in one way or another.
Released: July 1996