Rudimentary Peni | Cacophony [CD]

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30 tracks, 43 minutes. Remastered version of the outsider punks’ highly acclaimed 1988 album, unavailable on vinyl for 15 years. Remastered from the original analogue tapes.  All original artwork presented in fine detail.  CD version in gatefold sleeve with 20 page lyric booklet.  Also available: Vinyl edition comprises 180g black vinyl, gatefold sleeve, poster, 8 page full size lyric booklet and download card; and a limited edition shirt featuring the cover art. 

Cacophony was originally released in 1988, after a lengthy hiatus following the Death Church album in 1983. The album's subject matter repeatedly references the life of New England horror writer and misanthrope H.P. Lovecraft, and is hailed as a classic benchmark of outsider punk. 


Four years after the release of Death Church, Rudimentary Peni surprised us by returning with Cacophony. At the time it confounded and delighted fans in equal measure. With retrospect it is considered by many to be the band's masterwork, as well as one of the most visionary and radical works in the history of British punk. Cacophony could be considered a concept album in the sense that its spirit is obsessed with the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Musically it is a glorious melting pot of noise-punk, heavy guitar riffs, experimental rhythms, and psuedo-pop melodies. What is truly remarkable is the vocals of Nick Blinko, who throughout the 43 minutes of Cacophony assumes at least a dozen personalities and moves from punk screams to vaudevillian characterisations to Shakespearian monologues to pop choruses, and back again. Fans of HPL will find many reference points to delight them, whilst even those who have never read the work of the horror writer will come away from Cacophony feeling as if they have been immersed in one of his stories. Throughout the album, a sense of the darkest black humour pervades - we are the audience for a kind of grotesquely jovial pantomime of word-play and musical adventure. Most definitely a headphones-on, lights-off experience.

  • "Cacophony is the exact point where genius meets madness." -
  • "Cacophony is, in fact, the Ummagumma or Trout Mask Replica of British punk." -
  • “The most original, outlandish, compelling, amusing and downright weird LP I’ve ever laid ears on.” - KKKKK Kerrang (April 1989)
  • “Very rarely have the aggressive dynamics of punk pock been harnessed with such convincingly odd and macabre thoughts.” - 4/5 Sounds (January 1989)


Track Listing:

  1. Nightgaunts
  2. The Horrors in the Museum
  3. The Only Child
  4. Architectonic and Dominant
  5. The Evil Clergyman
  6. Brown Jenkin
  7. Crazed Couplet
  8. Sarcophagus
  9. Lovecraft Baby
  10. Dream City
  11. C12 H22 011
  12. Zenophobia
  13. Sunset for the Lords of Venus
  14. Beyond the Tanarian Hills
  15. Imps of the Perverse
  16. The Dead Loved
  17. Periwig Power
  18. Kappa Alpha Tau
  19. American Anglophile in the World Turned Upside-Down
  20. Memento Mori
  21. Better Not Born
  22. Arkham Hearse
  23. The Old Man Is Not So Terribly Misanthropic
  24. Gentlemen Prefer Blood
  25. Sonia
  26. The Day the Universe Ceased (March 15, 1937)
  27. The Crime of the Century
  28. Musick in Diabola
  29. Shard
  30. Black on Gold          

Total Running Time:  42:43