Rudimentary Peni | Death Church [Vinyl]

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Remastered reissue of the outsider punks’ 1983 release. Vinyl version is on 180g black wax, packaged in a fully restored version of the original fold-out poster sleeve and insert. Includes MP3 download card.  
See also available CD version in gatefold wallet with lyric insert, and t-shirt. 

Death Church was recorded in two days at Southern Studios in April of 1983. It was the band’s first long-player, following on the heels of their self-titled EP in 1981 and the Farce single on Crass Records in 1982. Arguably the most beloved album album of the band’s many fans, Death Church wore its contents on its sleeve, quite literally. The intricate line drawings of vocalist/guitarist Nick Blinko are dark visions of madness, religion and death...all of which are to be found in the lyrics within. Musically, Death Church has been embraced and claimed by every fringe musical niche of its time... it’s the album that brought together the death rockers, anarcho-punks, peace punks, hardcore punks, proto-metallers and art rockers.


  • Nick Blinko
  • Grant Matthews
  • Jon Grenville

Formed in 1980, Rudimentary Peni were initially inspired by bands such as The Damned, Slaughter and the Dogs, and Discharge. The release of their first EP in 1981 coincided with their first gig, with Flux of Pink Indians in London. Despite many rumours, no member of the band has ever died, (yet!) and the line up has remained constant on all the recorded releases.

Some tracks are written by Grant and some by Nick whilst others are co-written by both members. 

"RUDIMENTARY PENI are a band so fucking good that no one will ever understand them; I doubt they understand themselves." -Steve Albini, 1993 

  • File Under: Rock, Punk
  • For Fans of: The Germs, Discharge, Christian Death, Killing Joke
  • Release: May 2014 

Track Listing:

  1. ¼ Dead
  2. Blissful Myth
  3. The Psycho Squat
  4. Rotten To The Core
  5. Poppycock
  6. Cosmic Hearse
  7. The Cloud Song
  8. Vampire State Building
  9. Blasphemy Squad
  10. When You Are A Martian Church
  11. Pig In A Blanket
  12. Inside
  13. Nothing But A Nightmare
  14. Flesh Crucifix
  15. Slimy Member
  16. Love Is Not
  17. Radio Schizo
  18. Happy Farm
  19. Alice Crucifies The Paedophiles
  20. Army Of Jesus
  21. Dutchmen

            Total Running Time:33 minutes