Softly Softly Launch-y Shoppe

7th Mar 2012


Just an update on the soft launch.  Things are going pretty smoothly so far, but we're still working out a few kinks.  

  • There's a few items which are showing as sold out, but they are actually in stock - we're mopping all them up now.
  • Postage to European addresses was calculating a bit weirdly, we think we've got that fixed now.  In the event that anyone is/was overcharged, rest assured we'll refund any difference! Anyone who was undercharged can keep the extra!
  • Categories - a few things have not been put in the right category (books in vinyl and vinyl in posters etc) - again, we're mopping that up now.
Thanks to you all for your patience and thanks to the folks who have placed orders!
-- The mailorder elves