Therapy - Pleasure Death [Vinyl]

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Therapy? were formed in 1989 in their native Belfast. Their first single, "Meat Abstract" was released in August '90 on their own Multifuckingnational label and was played on American college stations and John Peel's show, as well as on Belfast radio. Their reputation spread on the strength of support slots for Fugazi, Teenage Fan Club, Ride, and Loop in Ireland. The press, notably the NME, began to pick up on the band.

Therapy?'s sound has nothing to do with the then current spate of raggle-taggle Irish bands clogging the airwaves. With energy lifted from hard electro demolition thrash and the power of the fiercest hardcore crossing the Atlantic, Therapy? created a sound which immediately stood them apart from anything happening in the UK at the time. Their strength comes from their live performances - a loud, rowdy burst of vigour and velocity that genuinely renews your faith in the art form.

Southern Records heard Meat Abstract and immediately decided to release it in conjunction with Wiiija, along with five unreleased tracks, as a mini-album. Babyteeth was the result.

July of 1991

Therapy? at this stage were: 

  • Andy - Guitar, Vocals
  • Michael - Bass
  • Fyfe - Drums

From relative obscurity outside their native Ireland, Therapy? were quickly transformed into one of the "bands to watch". The sheer power of their live shows cemented their fast-growing reputation as the most exciting band to emerge from Northern Ireland since the days of The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers.

Track Listing

1. Skinning Pit
2. Fantasy Bag
3. Shitkicker
4. Prison Breaker
5. D.L.C.
6. Potato Junkie