Trencher - Lips [Vinyl]

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9 tracks, 25 minutes. 2nd album (1st for Southern) from London's leading CasioGrindcore power trio. Bass, drums, screams and toy keyboards. What more do you need? Disgusting purple and green splatter vinyl, that's what you need! Limited to 500 copies.

Trencher are a casio-grindcore trio from London. They play brutally fast, funny and complex songs, all bashed out on bass, drums and a toy keyboard. For the past five years they have built up a fearsome reputation from their incendiary live shows and slew of limited edition releases on weird and wonderful formats.

Lips is the band's second album and their first for Southern who became intoxicated with their off kilter rhythmic attack and short, stabby menace and knew that they were the exactly the band that the world needed to hear. This is 9 songs and 25 minutes of controlled chaos of the highest order. Prepare to be amazed and enchanted.
track listing
1. Commissioner Of Sewers
2. Hung, Drawn Yet Shorter
3. Nightmares On Crack Street
4. Mouth To Anus
5. All That Blood And No Pain
6. In Reverence
7. Two Semi's Don't Make A Hard On
8. Lips Like Suicide
9. Chatter Of Slimy Teeth
Total Running Time: 24:28

Released: February 2007